The Destroyer wills and would - a heady, overwhelming area.

Overwhelm the rooftops, reservoir of young nothing;


what do I regret?


Down with regret.

when I was young
and looked down upon the rooftops
I had a heady sensation of flying
an overwhelming urge to soar13k animation

that I have accepted as
something recollected,
nothing to do with me now

Walking between rooms, between the end of the the throat down through the core of the body cavity. A sensation so recognised, it's become more an image - A Frida Kahlo-esque painting where the woman sits like buddha only her body opens out, showing central stem. Shimmery, pulsing, gruesomely anatomical. Of course she still can't draw it the way she sees it.

I have become a reservoir
of useless information
a destroyer of that area of magic

I once inhabited
would they let me go back
if I could?