The Destroyer wills and would - a heady, overwhelming area.

A friend told me about the nth factor: a discoverable formula that could be applied to all kinds of variables to calculate the underlying order of the universe (he cited the butterfly-flapping-its-wings-in South-America as an example). For those who WOULD KNOW if only they could.

Then he told me that half of what he was saying was horseshit. Nth factor in action?

Overwhelm the rooftops, reservoir of young nothing;


what do I regret?

Down with regret.

when I was young
and looked down upon the rooftops
I had a heady sensation of flying
an overwhelming urge to soar

that I have accepted as
something recollected,
nothing to do with me now

I have become a reservoir
of useless information
a destroyer of that area of magic

I once inhabited
would they let me go back
if I could?