Wednesday, 10 December 2003 


Go waaaay back to early days when first out of mum's arms and into the big world of kindergarten. As Nora grows up, her story unfolds in episodes - in flashes that mimic memory and what sticks out after all the years...

Secrets of a Middle-Class Education
(Excerpt)'s just that ideas don't always have a lot to do with feeling good. It's like wearing make-up. I know it's stupid that women wear make-up and men don't because we try to look attractive, because physical beauty is important for women blah blah and how unfair and everything. But if I don't put on my eyeliner everyone keeps asking me if I'm sick because I look so pale. And if I go put my eyeliner on they say, wow, you must have had a nap, you look better now. So I wear eyeliner because I look good and I feel better, and of course, that's self-indulgent. We could be like Susan in Women's Studies and never wear make-up or dress nicely because of some ideals we have of physical appearance not being important, and not being judged on how we look, but hey, ideals are nice, but I don't want to look like shit. I don't like it.



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