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Thursday, 21 December 2006 

The ever-growing collection of wwwork in image, interactivity, animation and technologies that keep bubbling up all over.
featured work: brushing up against wordhood
Rafael Barreto-Rivera's sound poem "Scrabble Babble 2" is reconfigured for web possibilities, while it addresses/dismembers the state of "wordhood". The spoken words of the poem are transcribed in a laundry list format. They lose much of their inter-connection when deprived of their sound. But each word may be examined as a visual form via the adjustable grid instead. Meanwhile Barreto-Rivera's sounds - letter sounds, laughing sounds and demonic babble sounds - provide audio commentery on the nature of language. Java applet and quicktime movie.
by Michael McGuffin & Raquel & Kim & Rafael Barreto-Rivera, 2000

What must she be thinking
An alphabet book
by Raquel Rivera, 2001. Other online books
Little endings here and there
Listen to a fragment of Rafael Barreto-Rivera reading his poem "Here it has Rained" while you animate a 2-sided poem into a volley of words, each side's argument rebounding and landing in a heap in the middle. Java applet and quicktime movie.
by Michael McGuffin & Raquel & Kim & Rafael Barreto-Rivera, 2000
Sketches on a napkin
A web project imbued in the tradition of surrealism and automatism. The concept is built from a collection of words gathered blindly from various texts, by both artists. Each wrote a poem from the total fourteen words selected, and these poems in their format provide the structural/visual basis for all the links in the work.
by Jeannette & Raquel, 1988
Salome goes to SoHo to see her poster in a show
A cyclical series of images on female sexuality, creativity, spirituality, and the struggle for equal access to all of these strengths when facing society.
by Jeannette & Raquel, 1988
Noblewomen, a primer for girls
A light-hearted journey back through time with seven of history's most vivacious women.
by Raquel Rivera, 1994. Other online books
Overheard overnight
Inspired by Mike McGuffin's applets, Kim Chua sets to work exploring the possiblities for using text in Flash. Five different interfaces are offered as challenges for interaction. Text provides the content for Kim's aesthetic puzzles while its meaning and continuity are displaced by form.
by Raquel & Kim, 2001. Other flash projects
A functioning desktop clock created in Flash
by Kim Chua, 2001. Other flash projects
Emerging from erasure
Conceived and created entirely in net-space, somewhere between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Montreal, Canada, the first of many Web collaborations
by Jeannette & Raquel, 1996
IRC chat on the subject of "Girlfriends" between Jeannette Lambert in Montreal and Raquel Rivera in Kuala Lumpur. They've been girlfriends since way back when, logging in much chat time over phone, fax, online and the kitchen table.
by Jeannette & Raquel, 1998
Mining Reflections
An exploration of image, meaning, attachment and reaction. Much like a shop window or a shadow, each artist comments on, reacts to, or "reflects" the works mailed from the other.
by Jeannette & Raquel, 1997
Mouse-over for randomly generated dialogue between friends.
by Kim Chua, 2000
My photographs
Works by featured artist from the International Festival of Art, Interference Festival of Art, IF Art (IFART)
by J. Bognano, 2000
God on Duty (G.O.D.)
An electronic altar!
by Kim Chua, 1997
Diary of an accepted existence
Re-load the page for new entries
by Kim Chua
Merry christmas, oh wow
Trim your own tree, over and over again. Drawings by Raquel, words from Nemo's growing collection
by Kim Chua, 2000
Follow orders from a label-maker
by Kim Chua

Archive (alphabetical order)
All because of a stupid button by Kim Chua, 1997
Baby, I'll take you there by Raquel Rivera, 1997
Christmas greeting 01 by Kim, 2000
Christmas greeting 00 by Kim, 2000
Christmas greeting 99 by Kim, 1999
Christmas greeting 98 by Kim, 1998
Noah's New York by Raquel Rivera, 1997
Parmecium by Raquel Rivera, 1997
Peep by Kim, 1992
Pressed for Thought by Raquel Rivera, 1995
Smoke by Raquel Rivera, 1997
Your vocation is calling by Raquel Rivera, 1997